Hosting A Fellow?

We are looking for host homes for our fellows! We currently have seven families and we are looking for host homes for our remaining five fellows. We realize that this year poses some challenges to having an extra person in your home. That’s why the fellow’s ministry is developing specific guidelines as it relates to the current pandemic, such as…

  • Fellows will complete a wellness questionnaire that asks of any symptoms as well as records their temperature twice each week

  • Fellows will follow the same social distancing protocols at off-campus events as the ones adopted by Briarwood for staff while on campus. 

  • We have a predetermined response that will guide us in our action steps if a fellow or someone in the host family requires self-quarantine.

  • In addition, we are also considering coronavirus and antibody testing prior to arrival and during the fellow’s year.

Will you pray if this is the year to host a fellow? Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact Seth at or at 205.527.2411.