City Cohorts

City cohorts are learning communities of young professionals throughout our city who commit to a two semester cohort with a focus on growing together in their Christian faith and Kingdom influence in our city. 

Weekly Gathering- Cohorts gather weekly for a meal, biblical instruction and practical leadership discussion.

Cost: $125 per semester (food & supplies)

Personal Mentor-Each cohort member will be paired with an older mentor. These mentors are mature followers of Christ with a passion and training in walking with young professionals through the first years of their careers. Mentor meetings are at minimum once per month.

Cohort Retreats- As a part of a city cohort you will be included in three cohort retreats. These treats are optional and at an additional cost.

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Vocational Call Retreat & Coaching (Dec 9-11) Each participant will be given access to three vocational assessments to be completed prior to the retreat. These vocational assessments are used both in vocational discernment and development. During the retreat we will gather as a cohort to learn and share. Each cohort member will have an individual feedback session with a career coach at the retreat.  

Cost: $275

Tuskegee Leadership Trip (Jan 16) On this retreat, we will travel to Tuskegee University with Pastor Reeder as he guides and instructs on the life and leadership of Booker T Washington and George Washington Carver. Cost: $25

Washington DC (April 28-30)   We will visit national historical landmarks and meet with our government representatives. 

Cost: $ 750


Over the course of two semesters we will engage in four studies.

Seamless Life-In our Seamless Life study we will look at how the Gospel of grace transforms all of life by understanding what the Bible teaches about God, Creation, Humanity and Vocation. 

Work as Worship-  This study seeks to understand what the Bible says about our work and careers. In this theology of work, we will see both how our work in the marketplace fits into God's purposes as well as recieve practical biblical insight how to be more effective at work.

This Cultural Moment- Emerging leaders are following Christ into an ever changing culture. This study will help us understand the dynamics of the culture that shape our world and marketplace, and give biblical instruction how to not only navigate, but bear witness for Christ in our world.

Sherpa Leadership Training- Sherpas are a people in the mountians of Tibet famous for guiding mountain climbers to the top of Mt Everest.  They are skilled not only at summitting mountians, but enabling others to summit through their sacraficial service. In this leadership training, you will not only learn practical leadership skills to accomplish your goals in the marketplace, but how to maximize your influence for the sake of Christ. 

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Weekly Schedule

6:00 pm  Meal

6:30 pm  Seamless Life Lesson

                Work as Worship

                This Cultural Moment

7:15 pm   Sherpa Leadership Training

8:00 pm Conclude in Prayer