The Person & Work of Christ

Lead by Dr Olan Stubbs, you will explore the essential teaching of the Bible addressing the nature of Christ. You will learn about his divine and human nature as well as his life and ministry. You will study the essential aspects of the Gospel along with its deep nuances. Fundamentally, you will see how Christ's person and work changes everything!

Our seminary classes are eligible to be taken for credit from Birmingham Theological Seminary.

Books are included in your program cost.


A Seamless Life

Have you ever noticed the "r" words of the Bible? Words like regeneration and reconciliation? There is a reason these gospel words begin with the prefix "re." We believe that in God's kind providence and wisdom, He has ordered his creation. This study is taught by the fellows director, Rev. Seth Richardson, and explores how the gospel restores all of life to more resemble God's creational order. In it, we will examine some of life's fundamental questions concerning things such as the nature of God, creation, vocation, sabbath, recreation, marriage and family.

Christ in Culture

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”

― Abraham Kuyper

In this course, you will hear each month from a different guest lecturer. They will  demonstrate both God's design and Christ's redemption of essential components of culture. This course is meant to equip you to engage the world with both wisdom and winsomeness.

You will study a theology of Church & Kingdom, Art, Aesthetic & Media: State, Law & Economics as wells as Marriage, Family & Sexuality.

The New Testament

This course is taught by Rev. Mike Jones and will examine both the formation of and the essential doctrines of the historic Church. You will examine the story of Jesus' life and teaching, the founding and spread of the Church along with the essential doctrines of the Apostle Paul.