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Interested in applying or learning more about the Briarwood Fellows? Contact the Director of Briarwood Fellows, Chad Escue, at

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Step One: Submit an Application.

Step Two: Two Phone or Zoom Interviews

Step Three: Invitation - the program director will reach out to you within about 2 weeks of your application to notify you concerning your acceptance into the program. 

Commitment: If we extend you an offer, the program director will coordinate with you to determine a commitment deadline (typically 2 weeks from the date the offer is extended).

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The cost of the program is $6,500. This includes all travel expenses, seminary instructors, books and program costs. 

Fellows will earn around $11,000 during the program.

Fellows are able to raise 100% of the cost with financial support through the tax deductible gifts of friends and loved ones.

What's Included in the Cost?

  1. Work in a paid internship
  2. Live for 9 months at no cost with a host family
  3. Enjoy meals on Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, and most Friday lunches
  4. Undergo formative seminary classes with books paid for
  5. Engage in three separate vocational assessments with professional consultation
  6. Travel expenses paid for on 5 different trips
  7. Short-term mission trip to Puerto Rico