Class of 2019

  • Jenni Jergenson

    St Louis, Missouri

    University of Tulsa-Audiology

    I want to mature in my faith so that I can be a missionary in the field of  audiology. 


  • Jordan Bradshaw

    Thomasville, Georgia

    Berry College-Medicine

    My desire is to be able to pursue a career in medicine while also being able to continue to keep ministry and my faith at the center of  everything. 


  • Maryanna Story

    Jackson, Mississippi

    Ole Miss-Physical Therapy

    I hope to pursue a career in physical therapy and mission work.


  • Jared Blake

    Knoxville, Tennessee

    Berry College-Public Health

    At Berry I pursued two passions, Christian ministry and biology, discovering keen interests in cell and molecular biology and epidemiology. 


  • Mary Kate Godwin

    Montgomery, Alabama

    Auburn- Financial Planning

    I enjoy using my finance degree as a way of helping others other people. 


  • Ross Brown

    San Antonio, Texas

    LSU-Business Management

    I hope to grow and learn more about applying my faith in the workforce.


  • Reed Piller

    Simpsonville, South Carolina

    Clemson University-Marketing

    I've written two novels and I’m working on a third!


  • Graham Eschmann

    Signal Mountain, Tennessee

    Auburn- Finance

    I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of being a Christian in the business world.

  • Allie Sanders

    Memphis, Tennessee

    University of Tenn-Education

    I am passionate about secondary education, especially math and science.


  • James Adkins

    Hazel Green, Alabama

    University of North Alabama-City Planning

    People coming together to make a positive impact for their community excites me. 



  • Rebekah Mason

    St. Simons, Georgia

    Berry College-Public Relations

    I want to engage the non-profit/business world for the glory of God with a missional mindset.